Nothing In Particular

Pragmatic approach sometimes yields magic results!


I am a software developer based in Paris, France.

My specialty seems to be troubleshooting and debugging (because I have that kind of terrier mentality about fixing them frickin problems), but others know me as a video/audio specialist, an iOS and a Mac person, an ex-Java-teacher-turned-developer, a carpenter, plumber, support therapist and all around foul-mouthed guy, although I naturally disagree with the last part.

On a personal level, I apparently have the most easily forgotten face, according to the face recognition programs out there but not to my friends, and if I ever cooked for you, you’d want me to do it again. Oh and I drink a lot of coffee.

On the social side, I tweet, I blog, and I have profiles here and there.

Basically, I’m a mercenary geek. And since I move around quite a lot, I've been called a part-time hobo, as well.

Happy trails!


Having been a freelancer for more than a decade, there is a lot of things I've done, and could do for you, so don't hesitate to contact me about things like:

  • Software development (mostly for Mac, iOS and Java, but there's always room for some negotiation)
  • Early proof-of-concept, or late tinkering and adjustments
  • Talks, and classes
  • Events (as part of organization or as part of floor team)
  • ...


When time permits, I sometimes release software in my own name. There are a lot of unfinished pieces of code on my hard drive, and the list of available software that will come to live here will probably grow.

I hope that all of this is useful to some people at least. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have ideas for improvement (plenty of room for that), bug reports, or just want to have a chit chat!

  • Highlight(Mac): Little free helper tool to draw on your screen during demos and presentations. Derives from my experience as a teacher.
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  • DesInstaller (Mac, not supported anymore): Little free tool that helps you organize, clean and duplicate your packages. Apparently works up till 10.5, but not beyond
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  • AlphaBeta (Mac, not tested with the latest versions of Xcode): Free utility that keeps track of the successful builds of your Xcode projects.
    Does what continuous integration software like Hudson does, but locally.
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